Mundus Stones believes in the rights and dignity of all employees and recognizes the integrity inherent to each individual.

Respect means we value each other's differences and appreciate the views that arise from those differences. We value and will scrutinize carefully all creative ideas brought before us.

Mundus Stones will always maintain an open internal information exchange environment to provide employees with timely evaluations of their work, professional relationships, and achievements. More importantly, Mundus Stones will always respect the opinions and contributions and build on those aspects, regardless of the rank of the employee. We pay particular attention to contributions regarding the improvement of the work environment or other specific employment-related issues.

We believe that free and open communication which expresses the diversity and variety of ideas of the individuals which make up the organization is the the best way to collaborate, solve problems, and create a successful team. Mundus Stone respects the privacy of its employees and will only collect, process, and store the personal information of employees where it is absolutely necessary and acceptable by law.


We maintain equity in assessing employee competencies despite the different views and opinions held by our employees at work.

Mundus Stones hires, arranges jobs, and determines salaries and other benefits based on individual levels of responsibility, ability and self-expression, experience, and results. We assess each employee on a case-by-case basis.

Mundus Stones appreciates the will to strive to overcome all difficulties and challenges in order to accomplish the work goals in compliance with our company ethos. Mundus Stones recognizes that only employees with real will, who accept new challenges, persist in implementation, and dare to change, will succeed in their work and contribute to the development of the company.

Exercising that will in your own thoughts and actions is the best means by which to respect yourself and respect the company.


Mundus Stones will always provide and maintain a safe, healthy, and friendly working environment. We are committed to fostering an environment which continues to attract and retain talented people regardless of their starting position.

All employees are guaranteed a safe and healthy work environment. Mundus Stones adheres strictly to all health and safety regulations to ensure a clean environment best suited for each employee to best develop their abilities.


Mundus Stones maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment or discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual preference at any time, and particularly in the workplace. "Harassment" and "Discrimination" are defined as behaviors which are insulting or unwelcome, whether by word or action, which may create a hostile or threatening environment.


We respect the privacy of our colleagues and will protect the confidentiality of sensitive personal information we receive in the course of our work. This includes personal health information, contact information, state-issued identification numbers, and confidential work information, including salary and assessment information. If your job involves access to this information, you must exercise every caution in protecting it and maintaining confidentiality. Employees' private information may only be used for valid business purposes. It may never be accessed for personal reasons or shared with others, including colleagues, unless absolutely necessary. Work responsibly.

Best products and services 

Mundus Stones is customer-driven. We continually upgrade and improve our products and services to maintain the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. A customer's trust in our products is the ultimate measure of our success and a powerful motivator for all of our actions. Mundus Stones always puts the interests of our customers and our partners first.

Mundus Stones is committed to a price policy that is affordable, competitive, and worthy of our product quality. We are also committed to a truthful and honest relationship with our customers and partners.

Honest in advertising 

Advertising is a powerful medium by which to explain our services to potential customers.Mundus Stones expects advertising to not only be creative, engaging, and useful, but also focused on honesty and accuracy.

Mundus Stones is always customer-oriented and committed to meeting and satisfying the needs and tastes of our customers. We will always respect our customers' opinions as well as strive to create a comfortable, friendly, and respectful environment to exchange information with customers in a timely manner.

Mundus Stones is committed to always receiving feedback from our customers regarding our products, services, questions, concerns, or complaints. We will respond with the most respectful, polite, and timely attitude, and are committed to promptly investigating and solving all issues related to the safety and efficacy of all our products and services.

is the central element


Mundus Stones respects and safeguards our customers' privacy. In certain cases, customers are required to disclose some personal information such as names, home addresses, email addresses, and/or phone numbers for operational reasons. Mundus Stones is committed to securing our customers' private information to the highest professional and technical standards and will only use it for the agreed-upon purposes.

Mundus Stones views its customers as partners striving for success based on mutual benefits. Mundus Stones will engage in any required actions such as planning, terms of cooperation, to further support this partnership.

Mundus Stones does not implicitly expect the gratitude of our customers, be they distributors or retailers, regarding prices, discounts, promotions, or support. Every action undertaken by Mundus Stones is taken for the good of our mutually beneficial relationship. We must earn respect.


Mundus Stones strives to remain at the forefront of the global green revolution. We regularly research and employ a variety of green working environment designs.

Mundus Stones regularly participates and helps to co-ordinate activities to promote environmental protection, including Running for the Environment, One Hour Power Off, and tree planting, among others.

• Natural greenery in the office
• The use of natural light
• Utilization of environmentally friendly materials
• Regulating the use and recycling of office waste

Every year, we hold the "Mundus for Community" fund, where in conjunction with the company, each employee contributes a day's salary to the Mundus Foundation for the Community. The MFC is dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and students gain access to resources that might otherwise not be available to them. It is our goal to give these children faith in their community and the motivation to thrive in life.

In order to maintain a strong relationship between Mundus Stones and our customers, as well as to provide useful information and knowledge to the business community, the company organizes regular financial activities and seminars such as:

• Workshops on business accounting
• Financial consulting and fund management for individuals and businesses


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