Mundus Advisories is a core business of Mundus Stones. Mundus Advisories provides advisory solutions related to corporate financial restructuring including:

Capital arrangement at banks 


Capital market debts and equity to the public


Issuing shares to the public or individually


Looking for partners to expand business

Mundus Stones provides consulting services related to mergers and acquisitions, particularly with regards to projects related to Vietnam for international investors in specialized fields of Finance, Commercial Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care and Education.

Mundus Advisories pursues the philosophy of "Be Wealth" for the prosperity of our partners. Our team of experts combine many years of experience and an in-depth understanding of business operations in order to provide reasonable solutions toward higher efficiency, more safety and tighter control regarding the implementation of its own long-term strategies.

Specifically, Mundus Advisories deploys:

Consultancy on corporate restructuring: changing the type of business, reviewing and recommending operation policies, reallocating products - services, re-establishing business strategies.


Consultancy on capital arrangements in the debt market: bank loans, bond capital, other forms of debt.


Consultancy on financing arrangements in the equity market: raising capital, corporate analysis and evaluation, and carrying out private or public issuance.


Consultancy on mergers and acquisitions.


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