Mundus Analytics is a data service of Mundus Stones Group. Here, we build a standard data system from businesses and individuals. Our experts build application models to serve a wide range of customer objectives, from providing audit results to specialized quantification needs. We specifically focus on providing a rating system related to the repayment of businesses and borrowers.



We are a harmonious combination of technical factors with deep understanding of modeling and local practical experience to provide a detailed assessment of each aspect of each target business and quantify the demand-specific factors. We also evaluate the confidence index each individual can have based on the data we get from various sources about the individual.

Mundus Analytics believes in being a partner with organizations in building an internal data processing system to analyze and assess according to customer goals. We need a frank exchange of business elements and efforts to come up with a set of evaluation criteria from selected quantitative models suitable for specific needs.

Mundus Analytics is committed to being neutral, respecting the truth that the data brings.


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