Mundus Investments is one of the core businesses of Mundus Stones Group. At Mundus Investments, our specialists will provide investment management, asset management services to financial institutions, organizations, and individuals. The difference is that Mundus will invest with customers in the majority of investments.

Mundus Investments seeks opportunities in potential businesses that are able to take the lead in a narrow or urgent industry. We always welcome investment opportunities and are willing to listen to potential investment opportunities to be able to contribute capital and develop businesses together.

Mundus Investments manages the assets on the principle of making the best effort to ensure the safety of investments and assessing investment opportunities to balance profitability, asset liquidity, and growth long-term value. These investments will be operated jointly by a portion of Mundus Stones and long-term investment goals.

Mundus Investments also performs asset management for the parent group with investments that do not dominate any business.

Specifically, Mundus Investments provides services:

  • Manage and exploit assets with unspecified investments.
  • Management and exploitation of the specified investment assets available.
  • Integrated management of small investments to make general portfolio.
  • Assess and restructure bad debts at credit institutions and put into operation as much as possible collaterals.


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